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During supervised visitation, a trained supervisor is present and generally does not participate in the visit. At the beginning of the visit, the supervisor will meet with the drop-off client to escort the child(ren) to the visiting parent, the visiting parent will be advised to wait in a particular location, and the drop-client will need to leave the area immediately.

During visitation, the supervisor will observe and take notes, if required. Once visitation is over, the supervisor will escort the child(ren) back to the pick-up client and the visiting parent will need to leave the location immediately, or wait 5-15 minutes for exchange of child(ren) to pick parent to occur first before departing location. The residential or visiting parent may ask for a CFV Child-Well Being Form which is explained in the intake packet.


The visit supervisor maintains sight and sound contact with the child and all parties to the visit at all times. This is the highest level of supervision


The visit supervisor is ON SITE and within line of sight OR within hearing distance of the parent-child interaction at all times. The Service Worker will conduct fifteen (15) minute periodic checks where they are able to both see and hear the parent-child interaction. This is medium level of supervision

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