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Virtual Visitation

Unable to visit in-person, but would still like to see your child. Connecting Families Visitation, LLC is offering Virtual Visitation.

A trained supervisor is using audio and visual media to supervise visitation. The supervisor’s audio will be muted, and the camera will be turned off, so the visiting family can focus on each other’s conversation. 

Zoom is the platform that is used for visitation, so you will receive a Zoom link that will connect you to the call. Waiting rooms will be utilized so parties who have DVPO or No Contact Order still do not come into contact with each other when using this type of service.

The visitation supervisor will connect with the visiting child first to ensure their audio is working properly and get assistance from residential parent if needed. Then the visiting parent will be added to the call. 

Visit supervisor will give appropriate warnings when the time gets close to the end of the call. 

All Zoom calls are recorded and can be purchased upon request. 

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