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CFV is offering to do physical assessments of visiting parents’ home before in-home visits are to begin. This assessment is NOT A HOME STUDY.

Physical Home Assessment

The purpose of this is to determine if CFV views the visiting parents’ home an acceptable and safe environment for the child and them to visit in. It will determine if the home is clean, has electricity and running water, a functioning kitchen and bathroom, is age-appropriate food available for the child, is the visiting parent prepared with any other items they will need to care for their child, does it have enough space for the child to play depending on the age of the child, and if there will be anyone else present in the home during visitation. The home will also be searched for any drug paraphernalia and/or weapons to make sure they are not present and if they are, they are stored properly.

CFV will view and search the whole house entirely, so please do not be offended, if CFV opens doors, closets, or dressers.

CFV will conduct a short interview with the visiting parent on why they are requesting in-home visits. CFV will conduct a short interview with the residential parent to determine how they feel about the visiting parent having in-home visits.

After CFV has viewed the home, a report will be generated to discuss the physical conditions of the home, if the parent is prepared to have the child in their home, if anyone else will be present in the home during visitation, was there any drug paraphernalia and/or weapons present or stored away, the views of the visiting and residential parent on in-home visitation occurring and the recommendations of CFV if in-home visitation should occur, and if not, what should the visiting parent do to get the home in a condition where in-home visitation can occur.

If any parent has any objections to in-home visitation, the visiting parent will need to go to court to get the matter resolved. CFV cannot force in-home visitation to occur.

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