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Everything Parents Need to Know About Overcoming Nature-Deficit Disorder

Everything Parents Need to Know About Overcoming Nature-Deficit Disorder

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Even if you never heard of nature-deficit disorder until now, you might have considered how much time your kids spend inside. Science reveals too little time in the great outdoors can be bad for them, and what’s more, it’s bad for you. Thankfully, this is one parenting problem you can easily overcome. The following resources from Connecting Families Visitation explains how.

Understanding the Problem

Spending more time outdoors will promote creativity, teach responsibility, and keep your children active. Also, the benefits of outdoor play may be the secret to improving educational outcomes.

  • One of  the most cost-effective ways to bring up test scores is outdoor education.
  • We were designed to need nature and not spend all our time indoors.
  • Children spend 7 hours in front of screens, impacting how our children develop.

A Few Ideas for Fun Stuff

Once you get out of your home, there are many fun activities your children can partake in.

  • You can make going outside more fun with these 15 different backyard ideas.
  • You can plan games and activities for your children outdoors.

Ensure Comfort and Safety

While there’s tons of fun to be had outdoors, make sure to take the necessary precautions to keep everybody safe.

  • Be sure to share with your kids how to stay safe when playing outdoors.
  • Create and pack a first aid kit to keep everybody safe.
  • Add a fence to your yard to help keep pets – and kids – where they’re supposed to be. Search Angi for a fence company near you, then browse their ratings and request an estimate.
  • Dress appropriately to keep the ticks away.

When it comes to your family’s well-being, getting into the great outdoors is more important than ever. Hobbies and adventures can be the cure, and you and your kids get to bond in the meantime. Just make sure you stay safe, and enjoy!

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Article written by Laura Pearson

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