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Learn More About Us!

Learn More About Us!

Every family deserves to stay connected, even when family members can’t be physically together. Connecting Families Visitation, LLC is a company that provides non-court order or court ordered services to help families stay connected when it’s not possible to be together.

Connecting Families Visitation, LLC provides an array of services for families in which one or both parents or any other family member who are unable to physically be together, due to court-ordered restrictions or other circumstances. These services are conducted in a safe, supervised environment, and all services are monitored by a professional staff member. We provide both in-person and virtual visitations and can even arrange for transportation when necessary.

Virtual visitations, which are an excellent way for families to stay connected when they can’t be together in person. Virtual visitations allow families to video chat or communicate via Zoom, phone, or text.

Connecting Families Visitation, LLC also offers support services to help families adjust to their new circumstances. They also provide advocacy services to help families understand their rights and how to best advocate for their children when it comes to visitation and the normal process in .

Overall, Connecting Families Visitation, LLC is an excellent resource for families who are unable to be physically together. They provide supervised and virtual visitations, as well as support services, to help families stay connected and adjust to their new situation.

If you or someone you know needs assistance with supervised or virtual visitations, be sure to contact.

Connecting Families Visitation, LLC

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