About The Founder and Owner

Carrie is the founder and sole owner of Connecting Families Visitation, LLC, bringing more than eight years of Social and Mental Health service experience to the table. Carrie holds a BS in science with an emphasis on social services from the Central Washington University-Pierce County. Carrie sharpened her skills while attending both Pierce College and CWU-Pierce County, by working as a Case Aide on an internship at the Department of Social and Health Services. Her responsibilities included supervised/monitored/unsupervised and visitation transportation services. After leaving DSHS, began working for a private agency called Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center. After a short time being there she was promoted to Parent-Child Visitation Lead Supervisor and help that position for over a year. The experience she gained in that position motivated her to open Connecting Families Visitation, LLC in July of 2015. Carrie puts her heart and soul into the business and is always looking for new and innovative ways to serve her customers ad their families.


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